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Always wear eye protection + a mask when dealing with concrete.
  1. Level the surface where the PathMaker will go. Remove grass and clear the area.
  2. Prepare the project site by leveling the ground, removing sod or soil as needed. For a more durable base, excavate the area and add 2 to 4" of compactible gravel. Grade and compact the gravel layer so it is level and flat.
  3. Place the PathMaker mold on the ground and make level. Starting in a corner is easiest.
  4. Mix one bag of  concrete in a bucket or wheel barrel. Refer the chart below for an estimate.
  5. Use a shovel/trowel to scoop concrete into the Path Maker mold. Be sure to press it deep into the corners to fill the mold completely.
  6. Use your shovel/trowel edge to smooth the top of each section of the mold and bevel the edge, if desired.
  7. Remove the Path Maker form by lifting on the little tabs on each side.                         
  8. Rotate the mold a quarter turn, place it on the ground, and repeat until you are finished.
  9. Once dry, you can fill the gaps with polymeric sand for a more finished look.  


1. Fill the concrete in the Pathmaker after it's been on a table with a paper/cardboard base separately away from the ground.

2. Remove the Mold and set the stones separately to create that haphazard 'random' look.

3. This works well on a compact soil base and usually used in gardens as opposed to driveways


1. After removing the form from a freshly poured section, reposition the form in the direction of the curve and press down to slice off the inside corner of the section.

2. Trowel the cut edge (and rest of the section) to finish. Pour the next section following the curve. Cut off as many sections as needed to complete the curve.

3. Sprinkle the area around the joint or joints between pavers with polymer-modified jointing sand after the concrete has cured sufficiently so that the sand does not adhere. Sweep the product into the gap to clean the paver surfaces while filling the gap.

4. Next, simply mist the jointing sand with clean water, taking care not to wash the sand out of the joint. Once the water dries, the polymers in the mixture will have hardened the sand to look like a mortar joint. Refresh as needed.

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