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Electric Mosquito Trap

Electric Mosquito Trap

Electric Mosquito Trap

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Our Mosquito Trap is equipped with LED Bionic Violet Wave that is strong enough to attract bugs, a high powered suction fan to pull them into the trap, and an anti-escape box for effective bug elimination. With a widely compatible USB recharge cable, you can recharge the lamp conveniently.

☑️Attracts and traps mosquitoes -- The energy-efficient Violet LED releases 365NM to 395NM violet light waves to irresistibly lure mosquitoes in and lock them Effectively traps dead mosquitos without the mess that comes with traditional zappers. Simply turn to unlock the storage box to discard the contents.

☑️Quiet suction vent -- Pulls in mosquitos and kills them using a chemical-free dehydration method that is twice as effective as other indoor bug zappers. High-powered yet quiet, you'll no longer be woken up by loud zapping noises from traditional zappers!

☑️USB Powered Device -- Simple, hassle-free charging with a universal USB charging port that allows you to charge and use your mosquito trap with an adapter, power bank, computer, and even your phone port! Perfectly portable for outdoor dining or camping adventures.

☑️Stylish & Compact -- Bug traps don't need to look ugly to be effective! The sleek, compact and minimal design of our mosquito trap will look great in any environment.

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