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  • ★SUPERIOR MATERIAL: These swimming caps are made from a superior long lasting non-waterproof swimwear stretch fabric material with excellent vertical and horizontal directions elasticity .Delicate and smooth, extremely comfortable to wear, not sticky hair.
  • ★PERSONALIZED DESIGN: They are designed to fit not only for amateurs, but also great for professionals. Perfect idea for adult men, women, boys and girls for swimming lessons or any water activities.
  • ★HONESTLY-MADE PROCESSING: With high-tech perfect seams line pressing, not deformation and not split. Widen edge design give better elasticity, swimming caps not easy to fall off in the water. They also fit the swimmers with big head or long thick hair.

Streamline yourself in the pool and keep from getting messy with an effective piece of headgear. With a stylish, simple and minimalistic design these mesh fabric caps give swimmers a comfortable fit.

What you’ll want from a really good swimming cap is fairly straightforward: no snagging or pulling of your hair when putting it on and taking off, no slippage or filling with air in the water, general comfort and, last but not least, no forehead line when the cap is removed.

  • COMFORT-  Fabric caps are usually very easy to put on and are comfortable to wear. They are not "sticky" the way a latex or silicone cap might be, so they don't pull a swimmer's hair. Because they are porous, water moves in and out, which can help keep a swimmer cooler.
  • CARE-  These swim caps are long lasting and must be rinsed in cold water, air dried between uses, and stored out of the sun, just like you would wash a swim suit.  

Whether you’re a serious swimmer who wants to be as streamlined as possible in the water, or a casual paddler who’s more concerned with protecting their hair from the splashes of other people in the pool, wearing a swimming cap is generally a good idea.

These swimming caps also reduce the drag caused by wearing your hair loose or tied back, you can swim faster more easily and they also keep your hair off of your face and out of your eyes.



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